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Forget about spam, advertising mailings, hacking and attacking robots. Keep your real mailbox clean and secure. Temp Mail provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, disposable email address.


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How does Temp Mail/TempMail work?

Temporary Mail is a free email service that allows you to receive email to a temporary address. You can create an email by selecting the domain of your choice, all the emails are associated with one domain. This email is like a business email. What to do to change email? You have to click on the change button to change the email, and your email will be changed. The temporary mail/tempmail you create has a very short time frame, up to 10 minutes / 20 minutes / 24 hours. Temporary email addresses, also known as temp emails, protect you from malicious activity online. There are many benefits of Tempel, there is no harm from them. It is very easy to create and receive these emails.

Why is it Important to use Temp Mail/TempMail?

What is the use of Tempmail? As you all know, people working in banks and government agencies do not use their personal email to do work related to these institutions. If these persons do any promotion or registration through email of organizations, by doing so the possibility of fraud increases. Hackers steal all the special information by capturing the permanent email address of your organization because this information is very valuable. is good email provider for you which allows you to get temporary email for free. It helps you get rid of spam emails. Here you can create a disposable email address of 10 minutes, for this you do not need to register.

Why do we use Temporary Mail/tempmail?

Sometimes it happens that you want to keep your permanent email address hidden, so you are better off using temporary mail/tempmail, as it has its own email address. It is not made at your permanent address. Therefore, no hackers can find you. Because, in today's time, it has become very important to exchange information or any material. Not all websites or individuals can be trusted. Now you must have understood very well why we use temporary mail?

Using Temporary Mail/tempmail for Facebook

You can use temporary mail/tempmail for Facebook. Only for those IDs that you want to use for a period of time. Temporary mail/ temp mail Correct, Use a permanent email address to create a permanent Facebook ID. Because spam emails are sent by Facebook, it is important to use temporary mail to get rid of them. You can use temp mail to create an account on any social media website. All of you think that temporary mails are used by hackers, because they do the work of advertising mailing and sending virus files through these emails. It is not so, there are many ways to make fake email, email is hacked by sending virus with live use.

Can I track temp mail?

Temp mail is not easy to track as these emails are anonymous. It does not have a correct address of its own. Temp mail has a long life span, it doesn't work for long. If you track them after 10 minutes, the status of the tempmail expires at that time.

What is temporary (disposable/burner/throwaway/temp) mail?

Disposable mail is a means of creating a temporary email. Temporary mail is also known as (disposable email, fake mail, tempmail gmail, temp g mail, tempmailorg, temp email). Do you need to register to receive/distribute content on the website? It is not so, a lot of work website gives content without any registration. However, registration is mandatory to post any content. Many questions come in front of you like - what to do to avoid advertising mailing? (use temp mail). What to do to clean and secure the permanent mailbox? (Use temporary email for that).

What to do to avoid spam/hacking?

(Use by creating an email at Temporary mail is a free service that allows you to create emails to a temporary mail address. You want to keep your permanent email hidden because using permanent email is the biggest reason for spam, advertising mailings, email hacking. Keep your permanent email clean and secure. provides fake, temporary, anonymous, throwaway, burner mail, disposable mail, to protect you from spam, advertising mailings. Temporary mail is a temporary mailbox that accepts email for a period of time. Temporary mail is known as disposable email, tempgmail, tempmail gmail, disposable email. With temporary mail, you can receive emails from fake emails in your real address for a certain amount of time. By using Temp Mail website, you can generate temporary email address instantly and get disposable email address instantly. Unlike a personal email address that you create, a temporary email address is completely free.

Temp Mail provides temporary Email

Temp Mail provides temporary, free, secure, disposable email addresses. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Register, Shopping to sign up anonymously!

Protect your personal email

Protect your personal email address from spam, phishing abuse. There is no risk in creating a temporary anonymous email address.

Get a free temporary email

You get a free temporary email address to keep your personal email safe and clear from spam.

¿Puedo rastrear el correo temporal?

El correo temporal no es fácil de rastrear ya que estos correos electrónicos son anónimos. No tiene una dirección correcta propia. El correo temporal tiene una larga vida útil, no funciona por mucho tiempo. Si los rastrea después de 10 minutos, el estado del correo temporal caduca en ese momento.

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